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podstranka kalendare diare engCALENDARS, DIARIES

An assortment that will land on almost every desk of your business partner. Because of its use it is an ideal tool for your promotion and visibility throughout the year.

Our extensive portfolio offers you amazing titles for any taste and budget:

  • Wall calendars
  • Desktop calendars
  • Planning calendars
  • Notebooks
  • Diaries
  • New year cards

Did you not choose from a calendar and diary offer for this year? We will create a unique calendar or diary that will exactly match your requirements, corporate colours, design and branding.

Printing diaries options:

  • Suitable calendar size and type:
    Weekly, pocket size (8,5 × 15 cm)
    Weekly A5 (15 × 21 cm)
    Weekly B5 (17,4 × 24,7 cm)
    Daily B6 (11,5 × 16,5 cm)
    Daily A5 (15 × 21 cm)
  • A suitable way of trimming boards
  • Logo embossing
  • Type of coating material and colours

Other possibilities:

  • nserted sheets, photographs - for finished diaries and notebooks - 4 in the front and 4 in the back - Ironwork
  • Bookmark – pasted on the back of a finished diary
  • Print with screen printing or tampon
  • Box - from luxurious to simple
  • Rubberband

Printing calendars (desktop and wall) - options:

Dimension, paper weight, colour of the spiral, calendarium, packing, stand, photos, stand printed with screen printing or a sticker. For wall calendars, there is also the option of choosing a subcarton or without subcarton.

Growth of annual sales is a sign of our customers' satisfaction. Every year, we strive to involve innovation, creativity and the expansion of our product portfolio.

Communicating with our customers gives us not only a broad perspective, but also experiences how to do things better, nicer and, last but not least, more affordable to anyone who is pleased by our collection and it meets their demands.

Choose from the convenience of your office:

katalog kalendarov 2021sg

Catalogue of calendars, diaries

kalendare tyrkys 2021x

Catalogue of calendars, diaries and new year cards

katalog kalendarov 2021p

Catalogue of calendars, diaries and new year cards





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